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Courtside Dental is a growing Dental Clinic located in Regina, SK. We have years of experience treating patients and while we may have grown in size, we still provide the same intimate, personal, and excellent service we did back then.

Our team of dentists in Regina are highly skilled and dedicated to providing high-quality, patient-centric care and health education. We are staffed by a team of highly skilled medical professionals and an able administrative staff who keep our thriving Dental Office running efficiently.

Our Regina Dental Services

Courtside Dental specializes in a wide range of dental services. Our Dentists in Regina offer cutting-edge treatments, we also focus on preventative strategies to ensure our patients stay happy and healthy.

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Our Financing

Courtside Dental in Regina offers many ways to finance your dental treatment. It can be overwhelming to figure out, but we’re here to help you.

But don’t take our word for it…

Listen to what others had to say about our Dentists in Regina!

Linda H.

I have always put off doing my dental work. I suffered with pain and shame. I had heard the stories and myths behind dentures and I was afraid people would judge me. My happiest moment was when my son was happy to see my smile.. I never realized that I hid it for so long. Thank you to the team at Courtside Dental. I thank you with all my heart, you have changed my life and my confidence.

Judith H.

A new family of caring, loving, and safe.

I appreciate you all. One team, together.

​A thank you to all of you to let you know how very much your thoughtfulness meant to me.

With appreciation, gratitude, and victory for after 50 years of silent pain… I’m free with a real smile!

Megan F.

The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous of your phobias and feelings. I always come out happy and confident with my smile after every visit. I’ve recommended Courtside to family, friends and co workers. 10/10.

Bailey B.

I’m not a fan of going to a dentist. But this place took all my anxiety about going to one away. They got me in the day I called. When I walked in I was welcomed with the most bubbly and warm staff. After my appointment, I got a bit worried about my mouth. Called into the office and within minutes they had answered all my questions and again put my anxiety as ease. 10/10 will always go there, and high recommend them to everyone!

Brenda M.

I would definitely recommend Courtside Dental! Dr. Ravi Patel did extensive work for me to correct my bite and give me overall confidence when I smile.

All staff are very friendly, professional, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable.
And Mercedes is amazing! She is so competent…it’s soooooooo refreshing! If I had my own business, I’d hire her!
Thank you all! Happy customer!

Julie N.

Had an emergency situation and being new to Regina, this was the first place I called. Best decision I made that painful morning!!

Courtney D.

Absolutely amazed at the caring and quick action Lindsay Middleton and Dr. Patel took when I was unable to be seen by my regular dentist during the COVID-19 pandemic as my children are sick with colds. I have an abscess or infection going on in my gums / cheek and they were the ONLY people willing to help. Dr. Patel called in an antibiotic prescription to treat my infection and I cannot wait to meet him and thank him personally once the clinic is back open. Amazing!!! Thank you again!

Kalya B.

Just had my first check-up with Dr. Rizvi and found that she was very thorough! I had a loose front crown completed and recemented several times with other dentists. Dr. Rizvi not only retreated my root canal but made sure my new crown matched the rest of my teeth! She also made sure my gums looked great around each crown. I highly recommend her and her friendly attentive team. Dr. Rizvi’s attention to detail is unbelievable!

Chantele C.

I have been going here for years and still love coming here. They care so much and are very polite. Highly recommend!

Natalie S.

Thank you Courtside Dental for always making me feel safe and comfortable. Thank you for also giving me my dream smile 🙂

Irene O.

To Dr. Ravi Patel and the staff at Courtside Dental,
You and your team make it seem like overcoming oral health challenges is simply a stroll in the park.
You guys are so good and I am very grateful that I had such a pleasant experience at your office.
Your team is one of a kind and I am taking this time out to say a heartfelt thank you!

Phyllis L.

Dr. Patel did such an amazing job. You have no idea how life changing this was for me. He gave me my smile back and along with that, my confidence to smile! It has been a long time coming. I recommend him highly and I have great respect for him and the rest of the crew at Courtside Dental. Thank you!!